San Mateo

It is located about 50 km from Marina D´Or. A town that had extraordinary importance in past and that is embodied in the impressive monumental and historical heritage .. You can visit its walls, medieval oven, jail, Borrull Palace, Marquis de Villores Palace, Arciprestral Church, alley of the Jews etc…


This town of Arab origin located in the interior of Castellón about 80 km from Marina d’Or has a great natural attractions such as: Los Estrechos (the most beautiful stretch of the Millars where the river fits into a 25 m wide gorge between virtually vertical walls), El Chorro, La Cueva Negra (The Black Cave) and the Sendero Bojera; and heritage: such as the old town and La Alquería.

Navajas and Segorbe

These two towns are located about 100 km from Marina d’Or. You can visit the 60 meter high Brazal waterfall or the Esperanza spring in Navajas. Segorbe has an important architectural heritage, declared as a good of cultural interest.

Delta del Ebro

The Delta del Ebro Natural Park has a several protected areas with total or partial restricted access. One of those areas is the Punta del Fangar, a peninsula of 400 hectares in the north of the Delta where terns and seagulls usually nest. The most interesting thing of this place is its desert appearance, with its peculiar mobile dunes, that extend along 6 km by the Sea.

The Caves of San José

Visit the longest navigable underground river in Europe a few kilometers from Marina d’Or where you will take a boat tour and discover the bat room, Lake Diana or the siphon gallery of this natural cave.


The port city of Valencia is located on the southeast coast of Spain, where the Turia River joins the Mediterranean Sea. It is located just 100km from Marina D´Or. It is known for the City of Arts and Sciences, with futuristic structures, such as the planetarium, the oceanarium and an interactive museum. Valencia also has several beaches, including some within the nearby Parque de la Albufera, a wetland reserve with a lake and trails.

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